Securing Mobile Devices and IoT: It All Starts with Dialogue

By: Absolute Team | 8/23/2017

Even on the best of days, protecting data can feel like a losing battle. This week, we skimmed headlines announcing more spyware found in over 500 Android apps. Thanks to the recent BlackHat and Def Con events, we have been learning just how it easy it is to hack everything from internet security cameras to hoverboards to a Tesla Model X.

The short of the story is nothing should be assumed 100% secure. If someone wants to break in, their persistence may well pay off. However, there are approaches you can take that will shut down many would-be attackers or, at a minimum, slow them down enough they move on to someone else. Visibility into all your devices, on or off the network, is key. So is a layered remediation approach.

That being said, dialogue around the prioritization of protecting your data, applications, devices, and users is really the first step. Smart information security and data protection are not only important for the preservation of business valuation among digital service providers, they can also be used as a successful differentiators in the hearts and minds of their millions of customers. This was the discussion topic at the Data Security Summit held June 28 at Mobile World Congress in Shanghai.

One segment of the half-day summit centered on the criticality of protecting company data and information storage, access and encryption. Bob Lyle, vice president of Mobile at Absolute was invited to discuss this topic along with two other panelists from OxCEPT and Danal, Inc. Below is an excerpt of the session where Mr. Lyle shares input on the criticality of layered security.

Watch the video clip excerpted from Mobile World Congress >

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