Securing Confidential Health Information with Absolute

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 3/7/2014

Rhode Island Blood Center uses Absolute to cost-effectively track hardware assets - thereby making IT people's lives easier. Rhode Island Blood Center is a 6-location independent blood bank serving the hospitals of Rhode Island, with a team of 350 employees of 180 volunteers. Aside from the blood donation centre locations, the Center relies hazily on more than 3,000 mobile blood drives each year, during which laptop computers are used to collect data from donors.

In 2005, the Center began to worry what would happen if a laptop, and its confidential donor information, went missing.

After doing some research, Rhode Island Blood Center chose Absolute to track their assets and protect their information. Rhode Island Blood Center has Absolute installed on 72 laptops and plans to install it on 30 Lenovo tablets. Since the initial deployment, they have executed 6 device freezes and data deletes.

"We are amazed at Persistence technology by Absolute. An IT team member took a hard drive out and put it on another machine. The agent created itself on the new machine and the old machine with a new hard drive. Indestructible," said David Reynolds, IT Systems Manager at Rhode Island Blood Center.

To find out how Rhode Island Blood Center uses Absolute to save money, protect information to stay compliant with AABB and FDA regulations, all the while benefiting from our easy-to-use solution, check out the case study here.

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