How to Securely Remove Data From a Device That's Being Decommissioned

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 5/18/2015

Whether it’s end of life or end of lease, eventually all devices must be retired. In our latest ‘Ask Absolute’ video, we answer the question, "How Can I Securely Remove Data From a Device That's Being Decommissioned?"

The Absolute Lease and Inventory report in Absolute Data & Device Security (DDS) provides you with a clear overview of all your assets so you can ensure hardware is regularly refreshed and lease completion agreements are never violated. You can view the current and historical status of devices, or group devices by physical location for further analysis, or group leased devices by vendor, lease end date, department and more.

lease completion

In order to follow best-practices, and take advantage of automation, set alerts to remind you when devices are nearing end-of-life. Once alerted, you can implement data delete actions to ensure your sensitive corporate data is securely removed before a device is returned or repurposed. In order to meet the requirements of regulatory compliance, you can simply generate an audit log to prove to auditors that corporate data was disposed of in accordance with the highest industry standards.

With Absolute you can secure your assets and protect sensitive corporate data throughout the entire lifecycle of the device. Learn more about Absolute DDS here. 

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