Secure Your Devices for Remote Work

By: Absolute Team | 10/5/2013

Notebook Review recently ran a post on Working in the Cloud, looking at how you can reap the benefits of toting your laptop around to work on the go while safeguarding personal or corporate information on your laptop in case of device theft or cybercrime. Their top tip? Install anti-theft software.

  1. Install anti-theft software to all mobile devices
  2. Use anti-theft hardware such as a cable lock and/or security plate
  3. Practice password safety - unique, strong, preferably managed through a single Master password in a password management program
  4. Keep sensitive data off your laptop - consider cloud storage, though that has its drawbacks - or opt for added protection such as encryption. Follow our less is more strategy.
  5. Use antivirus software
  6. Encrypt your data not just your hard drive
  7. Be wary of Wi-Fi hotspots and consider a VPN (more on this here)

If you are a small business owner, you may think that the ability to work anywhere and anytime is one of the major benefits. While this is true, there are added risks to lugging around your devices all the time and these risks should not be downplayed. Losing your device, even temporarily, can be hugely disruptive, not to mention the potential if data is lost!

For more, read our Basics of your Mobile Office and understand basic home office security basics and continue to apply them on the go. To prevent the theft of your laptops and mobile devices, never leave them unattended, don't store them under chairs or in cars, and follow these additional theft prevention tips.

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