Secret Security Operation Accidentally Exposed

By: Absolute Team | 11/16/2009

Hackers are always trying to find flaws that they can exploit to get to your personal information. Therefore, the experts need to always be a step ahead when it comes to finding and identifying any weaknesses.

PhoneFactor, a phone security firm, discovered a problem with the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol that protects mail servers and e-commerce sites from attacks. They tried to prevent the discovery from becoming public while they worked with the Industry Consortium for Advancement of Security on the Internet (ICASI) to fix the issue, but an engineer posted the details online last week after discovering the flaw independently. He apparently was looking for help with fixing the problem but, unfortunately, only made it worse and forced ICASI and PhoneFactor to address the issue publicly.

This is an example of someone trying to do the right thing but, as a result of their poor judgment, the personal information of millions of people could be at risk. While it is true that consumers must trust that the experts are watching out for their safety, it’s also important to make sure that we take the basic precautions to protect ourselves on an individual level.

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