Samsung Knox Given DoD Security Approval

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 5/9/2013

The Pentagon has just announced that Samsung mobile devices have been cleared for use on Defense Department networks, the first mobile device to be added to the 'closed' military network that has to-date only supported BlackBerry devices. The announcement highlights the acknowledgement by the military of the consumerization of IT while also demonstrating the strong security built into the new Samsung devices.

Samsung recently announced that its flagship GALAXY mobile devices will feature the enterprise mobile solution Samsun KNOX for one of the strongest mobile security offerings on the market. Samsung and Absolute Software partnered to embed our patented Absolute persistence technology into the firmware of flagship Samsung GALAXY mobile devices, becoming a core part of that security. As detailed by The Atlantic, the partnership brings "super enhanced tracking and recovery" possibilities to Knox.

With firmware persistence, Samsung users can leverage Absolute Computrace technology and the industry's only Theft Recovery Team to remotely track, manage, secure and potentially recover their Samsung GALAXY smartphones and tablets devices globally. 

Samsung's Android KNOX joins the BlackBerry 10 Enterprise System as the only devices approved by the Department of Defense's Security Technology Implementation Guide. The new Samsung KNOX system is all about locking down data. KNOX allows organizations to lock down and manage their devices, keep personal and corporate data securely separated, and encrypt data both at-rest and in motion. Samsung KNOX offers many additional security layers for platform security and application security and integrates with established MDM solutions such as Absolute Manage.


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