How Sacred Heart Overcame Their Biggest Security Challenge

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 6/28/2016

Founded in 1912, Sacred Heart Hospital offers a wide range of advanced medical services, from obstetrics to cardiology and behavioral health services. To offer the best patient care, both on-site and off-site for patient visits, Sacred Heart manages a deployment of around 300 mobile devices used by physicians, nurses and administrators.

Healthcare organizations, like Sacred Heart Hospital, face some of the greatest challenges and some of the strictest regulatory requirements for data security. The growing mass of electronic healthcare information often become the target for cybercriminals, who are looking to exploit this high-value data. In addition, the endpoint has consistently remained one of the greatest weaknesses for healthcare organizations, both large and small, and with more clinicians carrying data on their mobile devices, the risk increases.

Sacred Heart Hospital dealt with this very issue. The 215-bed Catholic medical center located in Allentown, Pennsylvania embraced the move towards portable devices. Sacred Heart needed to ensure the hardware, and the sensitive data stored on these devices, remained protected, regardless of the device location or user.

Sacred Heart Hospital Protects Patient Data with Absolute DDS

Sacred Hearth Hospital chose Absolute DDS to provide endpoint security and data risk management to alleviate the risk of device theft and associated data loss. Janet Nelson, Senior Network Administrator at Sacred Heart Hospital, notes that the ability to determine which devices contain sensitive data is a key part of their security infrastructure:

“In the current environment, we use Absolute DDS for its tracking and data protection capabilities. If devices go missing or are stolen from the facility, we are able to initiate a full data wipe remotely. We know which devices contain sensitive data and can prevent any potential exposure of patient data.

As part of our purchasing process, we do not order devices without Absolute DDS on them. The ability to track mobile devices and remotely protect the data stored on them is a powerful layer in our security infrastructure.”

Persistence technology by Absolute is built into over a billion devices around the world, so there are many devices to choose from. With the recent release of Endpoint Data Discovery (EDD), as part of Absolute DDS, Sacred Heart has increased their data monitoring capabilities to proactively search for sensitive data that may be at risk.

Read the full case study to learn how Sacred Heart Hospital has taken a proactive stance on data security, improved their compliance and improved inventory management with Absolute DDS.

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