Remotely Disable Computers via SMS with Computrace

By: Absolute Team | 1/21/2010

Absolute Software announced yesterday that Computrace now accepts remote commands via SMS sent from the Absolute Customer Center, in addition to the previous communication over the Internet. IT administrators now have two quick and easy ways to remotely communicate with, and disable, laptops. This is a huge asset if a laptop goes missing, enabling IT administrators to mitigate potential data breaches much more quickly.

The new feature is called Monitoring Center Initiated Calling (MCIC) allows for a Computrace Agent call to happen as soon as possible, vs waiting for a routine check-in call. The SMS command tells the laptop to phone home. IT administrators can use MCIC so that they can remotely execute Computrace functionality, including location tracking, deletion of sensitive data, and Intel® Anti-Theft Technology locking.

For more about this piece of news, read here.

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