Regulations in 2015: Are You Ready?

By: Arieanna Schweber | 1/5/2015

Eleanor Burns recently polled a number of industry experts to come up with Regulation in 2015 - 5 Key Predictions for the Year Ahead. The article on Computer Business Review talks about the importance of understanding changes to regulations and how they can impact organizations. Though the article talks specifically about changes to the EU regulatory landscape, organizations in any country need to be aware of the impact shifting regulations can have on compliance and business practices.

The article discusses many shifts in regulation, including:

  • The impact of changes such as the ‘Right to be Forgotten’ and shifting controls to mitigate the impact of a breach
  • Continued struggles with compliance
  • A forced shift in IT strategy
  • The emergence of Cloud standards
  • Understanding the in-progress nature of upcoming changes in the EU as well as in the US

Absolute Software’s Stephen Midgley, who is VP Global Marketing for Absolute Software, notes how “businesses may think they have a future proof IT strategy in place, but substantial regulation changes on the horizon will force a considerable rethink.” His contribution to this article includes more insight on the widespread impact of the EU Data Protection Regulation on everything from BYOD to storage to the IoT.

Read the full article here.

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