Absolute Cracks Down on IT Imposter

By: Absolute Team | 8/13/2010

This laptop was one of four machines recovered by Absolute after a mass on-campus theft. Posing as a prospective student, a rather crafty thief arranged a campus tour. He expressed particular interest in computer science, and requested a visit to the school’s IT department. This visit gave him just enough time to scope out the building – including a storage room that housed several tempting laptops. The following night, the suspicious student-to-be made his move, breaking into the store room and taking an armful of computers with him.

Less than impressed by the shady scholar, Absolute was able to identify this unauthorized user by deploying a number of forensic tools on the stolen laptop. This intel was passed over to police, who had all of the details necessary to serve a search warrant on the user's home. Our thief was met at the door by impatient officers - at which time he decided it was best to cooperate and hand over the stolen machines. Meanwhile, police decided it was best to charge him with 10 counts of felony.

Indictments and criminal complaints are unproven accusations and the accused in all cases are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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