Recovery of Stolen Smartphones is Possible

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 12/24/2013

Can a stolen smartphone or tablet be recovered? We recently answered this question on the Samsung KNOX blog, explaining how the explosive growth in mobile theft impacts the enterprise, putting corporate data at risk, and how the right solution can mitigate these risks and help recover stolen devices.

As a key pillar of Samsung KNOX technology, Samsung embedded patented Absolute persistence technology into flagship GALAXY mobile devices. Once activated, Samsung GALAXY flagship devices protected with Absolute Computrace can be recovered if stolen or lost, even surviving a factory reset. As the only investigative team in the industry, the Absolute Investigations & Recovery Services Team actually works with police to track and recover devices.

In the article on the Samsung KNOX blog, we address the benefits of Absolute Computrace in endpoint security, specifically for Samsung KNOX smartphones and tablets:

  • The value in recovering stolen devices, to avoid high replacement costs, as well as our Service Guarantee payout if a device is not recovered
  • The discovery of insider theft
  • The benefits of managing all devices from a single SaaS-based console: the Absolute Customer Center
  • Endpoint security tasks such as geolocation, device freeze and wipe
  • Compliance
  • Integration with Absolute Manage for asset management

Read our full article here for all the details.

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