Recovery: It's About More than a Returned Device

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 5/13/2013

In our work successfully recovering over 29,000 lost and stolen devices, we have learned a lot about what it means to RECOVER from device theft. We have learned that recovery is not just about returning a device, but recovering from the loss incident itself. In the enterprise setting, this means addressing security gaps, providing additional employee training, understanding crime trends, reputation management, and even addressing the emotional component of device theft, which can affect employees on a very visceral level.

At Absolute Software, we are aiming to redefine what recovery means with the first-ever support component for Computrace Mobile Theft Management (MTM) customers. As part of our Victim Services support, we will be reaching out to our customers after the theft / breach to offer support that is sometimes missed, all while our Investigative & Recovery Team attempts to physically recover the device.

With years of service not just in device recovery, but also in strategic services such as GRC assessment and integrity testing, our Investigative & Recovery Team is able to provide Victim Services such as:

  • Talking through the breach / theft experience
  • Determining if there are further threats to the customers, person or property
  • Reputation protection
  • Media / internal messaging suggestions
  • Endpoint security gaps and possible fixes
  • Detailed prevention and protection literature
  • Target hardening suggestions
  • Liaising with the local Police Victim Services Unit, or Crime Prevention Unit for customer guidance
  • Analysis of theft/crime trends and mitigation recommendations

Absolute Software is dedicated to bridging the gap between device theft and true recovery with the guidance and information our customers need to move forward. To learn more, contact us

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