Recap: Absolute Insights from RSA 2017

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 2/22/2017

Absolute RSA 2017

Absolute’s “unfair advantage” was on display at RSA 2017 last week, and our team had valuable conversations with customers, partners, industry leaders and industry watchers. We enjoyed enlightened conversations about enterprise security concerns, business priorities, and best practices to address growing security issues.

Conferences like RSA are all about education and awareness, and we spent hours talking about our newly unveiled Application Persistence technology and how it protects sensitive information by keeping endpoint agents visible to IT departments and resilient to malicious attacks or insider threats. Here’s a summary…

Seeing is understanding

We talked a lot about visibility: Businesses simply don’t have the visibility they need to see and control endpoint agents. The result is the growing risk that insiders and attackers will compromise the security controls businesses have deployed to protect users and endpoints. It happens every day, many times a day – and our job is to stop it from happening.

“Really?  You can do that?” 

Yes, yes we can. Every company wants more visibility into what’s really happening with their security profile, and the persistence concept of “always there” resonated with attendees looking for viable solutions.

Absolute’s persistent self-healing endpoint security gives enterprises the ability to reduce the dwell time of a dark asset, reducing the likelihood of becoming a breach vector and – if it does happen – offering real-time remediation of breaches at the source. Absolute’s cloud-based platform puts IT and security professionals in total command of devices, data and applications -- whether on or off the network.

Embedded in firmware, ready to remediate

“Always on” goes hand-in-hand with “always there” because Persistence is embedded in device firmware/BIOS. Many people don’t realize this – we’re already there.

It’s what gives us the ability to provide visibility and remediate the problem of dark endpoints. It’s also how we help clients with general IT concerns – like asset management, device workflow onboarding/off-boarding, risk management/compliance, auditing, and tracking, reporting, and remediation.

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