Quantifiable Data Demonstrates the Value of Personalized Learning for Loudoun County Public Schools

By: Kim Ellery | 10/17/2017

Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) is the third largest school division in the Commonwealth of Virginia with more than 78,000 students in 89 facilities. In order to support a personalized learning program, the district invested heavily in a one-to-one program for students and staff, adding thousands of devices for use in-classroom, at home, or by teachers away on conferences.

The Challenge: Demonstrate the Value of Personalized Learning

In order to secure the budget for the purchase of tens of thousands of devices, Dr. Rich Contartesi, CIO for Loudoun County Public Schools, was tasked with demonstrating to the Board the value of personalized learning. Demonstrating device utilization rates on and off the school network was required to drive consensus that teachers did need to have a laptop and take them home and that students were intensively using laptops in the classroom. The Board also needed assurances that security, privacy and theft recovery were prioritized to safeguard the investment in these devices.

Using Absolute, LCPS was able to provide quantitative information on device utilization rates right away. With security in mind, LCPS chose to purchase Dell laptops, which are protected from the factory with Absolute Persistence technology. Right away, these devices have the strongest level of security on the market, able to withstand tampering and attack and to track devices on or off school property. With Absolute, the security department at LCPS now receives automated alerts on anomalies, so they can focus on reviewing potential security issues and taking action to ensure endpoint protection and privacy.

As Loudoun County Public Schools demonstrated, K-12 schools across the country are seeing positive results for potential of technology to support individualized learning, but demonstrating these results with quantifiable data and maintaining vast fleets of devices comes with its own challenges. With funding opportunities on the decline, schools are increasingly challenged to prove that technology has had a meaningful impact on student outcomes and that device use falls within Internet Safety Guidelines.

Absolute is proud to be working with top educational institutions across the US to help provide the visibility, analytics and control needed to improve learning outcomes, protect students and ensure fiscal responsibility.

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