Protecting Your Information in Tax Season

By: Absolute Team | 1/21/2011

With tax season once again upon us, it's time to consider the added security threats this brings. Though most of us don't even want to think about taxes yet, ignoring the increased security threats would be careless. As the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse states, this time of year puts your information at great risk at many stages of the tax process.

The government begins its tax season by mailing you your information return, which will contain your Social Security number in the US, your Social Insurance Number in Canada. You end your tax season by sending back returns with all of this sensitive information as well.

These documents contain all your basic information for identity thieves; in order to be sure they don't fall into the wrong hands, here are some tips:

  • Make sure your current address is with the government, current or past employers or others who may send you information returns
  • Use a locking mailbox or a PO Box
  • Retrieve your mail as soon as possible after delivered
  • Keep your tax files and papers in a secure location
  • If you will be away during tax season, have your mail held at the Post Office
  • Mail your return at the Post Office, not at a regular post box
  • Don't leave your mail in an unsecured location before sending it
  • If you use a USPS blue mail box, do not leave the mail in it overnight

In terms of electronic filing, be sure not to trust emails that appear to be from the Government related to e-filing. There are lots of phishing scams out there!

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Have you ever found yourself a victim of fraud related to the tax season?

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