Protecting Healthcare Data on the Endpoint from a Customer Perspective

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 3/31/2014

Earlier this month, we shared with you how Rhode Island Blood Center was able to harness the efficiencies of Absolute Computrace to easily and cost-effectively track their hardware assets. In our case study, we shared an overview of Rhode Island Blood Center’s need to protect the laptops and tablets used during more than 3,000 mobile blood drives annually. A loss of one of these devices would be devastating. Think it doesn’t happen? Since deploying Computrace, Rhode Island Blood Center has executed 6 device freezes and data deletes.

MedCity News recently featured the customer perspective of this case, with David Reynolds, Rhode Island Blood Center’s IT Systems Manager, discussing the challenges of mobile blood drives and securing community data

"In today’s world where data breaches and security challenges are at every turn, there is plenty to worry about...

So while most people would arrive at the event and see the positive results of a community coming together, all I could see were dozens of laptops stuffed full of confidential data for which Rhode Island Blood Center was ultimately responsible. And I knew if even one laptop was lost or stolen, confidential donor information could be at risk."

Healthcare organizations face a stringent security environment, where a data breach could not only result in negative PR, but also in devastating non-compliance penalties. David Reynolds shares insights gained from recent data breaches in healthcare and HIPAA regulations as drivers for the need to better secure mobile healthcare data.

Why choose Absolute Computrace? David says the ability to maintain a connection with each device, to track them on or off network, were necessities, but the biggest selling feature was our patented Absolute persistence technology. David says he even tested it, to be reassured it worked - and it did.

"Given the trend of mobility through all areas of healthcare, coupled with the tightening of regulations – it’s extremely reassuring to know that Rhode Island Blood Center devices and data are secure. While supporting important community events like our blood drives, we are still able to protect our patients, donors, and the organization. It’s a great feeling."

Learn more about Absolute Computrace here and check out our full suite of solutions for Healthcare here.

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