Protecting Devices Over School Holidays

By: Absolute Team | 6/11/2014

Kids & teens are the highest risk target for device theft, with 1 in 5 kids age 8-16 saying their phone has been stolen. Thieves aren’t just targeting kids during the school year, when they are known to be carrying devices to and from school - thieves are opportunistic. In the summer, kids and teens are toting their smartphones around town, often nose down while they text, call or socialize with friends or they may leave devices unattended in social situations. All of these situations invite thieves, sometimes resulting in violence.

We gave you 6 Ways Teens Can Avoid Phone Theft, which we’d like to add to with additional security tips for Summer holidays:

  1. Leave devices at home, whenever possible
  2. Consider using personal safety apps that allow parents / friends to locate you in emergency situations
  3. When participating in group sports or at large gatherings, leave backpacks or devices in a secure location. If none is available, ask an adult if they can safeguard your devices
  4. Know how to keep your devices safe when traveling. For example, leave your phone in the hotel safe if you’re going to the beach! You’ll sacrifice that “selfie”, but save yourself from theft. After all, if you’re in the water, who is looking after your phone? Tourists are a huge target for device theft!
  5. Check out our specific advice for using transit, one of the highest risk areas for device theft
  6. If purchasing new devices, don’t leave the store using a branded bag & make securing the device a top priority. The end of the Summer is one of the peak periods for device theft, when thieves know new laptops and devices are being purchased before school resumes. Be safe all summer - but extra vigilant when purchasing new devices.

Parents, give yourself some peace of mind and install Absolute LoJack today. Have a great Summer!

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