Protecting Company Data a Stressful Job

By: Absolute Team | 11/2/2011

Websense recently released the results of a survey of 1,000 international IT security managers and 1,000 employees showing that IT managers feel that getting a divorce or losing their job is less stressful than looking after company confidential data. That's a fairly significant statement to make.

The survey also highlights that:

  • 82% of IT security managers believe their company is protected from modern malware. But in practice, only 48% actually have specific solutions to prevent confidential data from being uploaded to the web.
  • 24% reported that their CEOs or other executives had lost confidential data due to data breaches. 37% report that employees have lost data.
  • 20% have seen confidential data loss due to breach of regulatory compliance
  • 20% have seen confidential data loss due to posts to social web sites
  • 40% believe they have data loss precention (DLP) in place for data in rest, use and motion - in practice, only 2% do
  • 86% say their job would be at risk if a security incident were to occur,
  • 72% say a minor car accident, managing personal debt or dirvorce is LESS stressful than being responsible for protecting their company’s confidential data

It's clear from the report that data security is causing a lot of workplace stress, and yet companies continue to be unprepared for existing data security risks. Websense hypothesizes that current security solutions are being given credit for more than their due, giving a false sense of security:

“This survey shows that companies need to recalculate their assumptions about how well their data is protected,” said Tom Clare, Websense senior director of Product Marketing. “When asked about real-time protection solutions in place, many respondents listed product and vendor names that don’t offer real-time protection at all."

There are positive signs emerging in security planning, the survey showed. Top management has been involved in data security talk and the news coverage of major security incidents has spurred increased investments in DLP. Read more from the survey here.

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