How to Protect Against Data Dummies

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 3/5/2015

We all work with intelligent people, specialists in their fields. But sometimes intelligent people do really stupid things! Watch this slapstick video on the life of an IT worker when it comes to data security.

Tony’s a doctor, but he tapes his password to his laptop. He’s a data dummy. There’s Terry the astrophysicist,  who disabled encryption because it was “annoying.” There’s Tina, an engineer, who leaves her laptop unattended in public places. They are data dummies.

Thankfully, the IT departments in all these cases were prepared; they know that data dummies are inevitable. With Absolute Data & Device Security (DDS) at the ready, you can protect your organization from data dummies. Watch our demo here.

As Absolute’s Ryan St. Hilaire recently wrote about, “we’e only human,” and if 95% of IT security breaches can be attributed to some kind of human error, it’s up to us to take steps to defend corporate data… in spite of employees!

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