Proactive Malware Security Tips

By: Absolute Team | 8/19/2011

Malware is a big topic. Though we only touch on it from time to time here at the Absolute blog, all indications are that it is on the rise. So, what can you do about it?

Forrester Research's Chenxi Wang has written a series of proactive security measures you can take against preventing malware attacks. Some of the suggested measures include:

  • For B2B transactions, implement dual approval.
  • For B2C transactions, implement second-channel verification
  • Strengthen server-side fraud detection
  • Offline malware and threat detection
  • Whitelisitng whenever possible
  • Browser security

The article does a good job of pointing out that it's best to create a strong security ecosystem rather than buying into the publicity that a particular malware threat is getting - think for the long term and in terms of multi-layered security.

For more on malware, I also recently recommend Tech Republic's latest post on streamlining the malware response.

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