Preventing Device Theft in Schools: What Parents Can Do

By: Absolute Team | 9/22/2014

Schools, from K-12 to Universities, have consistently been one of the top theft locations for laptops and other mobile devices; right now, youth are the top target for mobile theft. Students are currently more likely to experience property crime than fights at school, though the two issues are not mutually exclusive. We take this pretty seriously and spend a lot of time working with schools to create a safer environment for students.

As parents, there is a lot that you can do too to protect your teens from theft in schools.

  1. Set up basic security for laptops, tablets and mobile devices. We offer basic security tips for mobile phones and device security tips for k-12 students and for college students
  2. Ensure your school has security covered for school-issued devices (laptops, tablets)
  3. Have regular discussions about mobile safety including topics ranging from cyberbullying and online safety to mobile theft prevention. We share some ideas here and have specific advice on mobile theft prevention for teens
  4. Don’t flaunt devices is the best tip for protecting all valuables from theft. If it can’t be left at home, it should be hidden away as much as possible.
  5. Give your kids realistic options for where to store their devices. They need to know not to leave devices in lockers, gym cubbies or in backpacks on the field during afternoon meetings or practices. While it’s easy to say “don’t do this,” it may be more difficult to find secure storage options at schools or afternoon practices. Brainstorm with your school or set up parent volunteers at sport practices to watch the backpacks
  6. Talk to your school about setting up secure device storage or, even better, a security program such as Absolute Safe Schools
  7. Install Absolute LoJack on all devices to track, locate, secure and return stolen devices

Absolute LoJack was recently featured on the TODAY Show as one of SafetyChick’s “Must-Haves” for School.

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