How to Prepare for a Mobile-Friendly Office by 2018

By: Absolute Team | 8/8/2014

Despite bold moves by companies such as Yahoo to recall remote workers, the general trend is still transitioning toward an increase in remote workers. Currently, roughly 2.6% of the US employee workforce (not including self-employed) work from home.

In the complimentary Analyst Report from Gartner, Help Your Customers Prepare For a Mobile-Worker-Friendly Office Environment by 2018, we learn how organizations can plan to support remote workers, both through IT solutions to help workers connect anytime, anywhere securely as well as IT solutions that help workers make the best of their time spent together, therefore improving efficiency and creativity.

Some of the key topics included in the report include:

  • Redefining the modern worker
  • Technology drivers
  • Cloud tools and apps
  • Office spaces designed to support modern worker expectations and requirements
  • Devices shouldn’t drive technology adoption, tasks should

When employees consider their office to be where their device is, it’s up to IT to support them and look to vendors such as Absolute Software offering streamlined solutions to manage devices and data.

We encourage you to learn more in the Analyst Report here. If you want to learn more about how Absolute Software can help support your mobile workforce, contact us.

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