Power Management for Earth Day

By: Absolute Team | 3/19/2013

Energy starAt Absolute Software, we are committed to finding ways to make business greener each and every day of the year. With our power management feature for Absolute Manage customers, your business can implement a power management policy to automatically reduce energy use, saving anywhere from $25 - $75 per computer per year and reducing the overall impact on the environment.

Absolute Manage’s Power Management features will:

  • Examine user behaviour for downtime patterns. Computers may be inactive up to 76% of the time they are on
  • Create custom policies based on behaviour and work schedules
  • Assign power saving profiles based on many triggers
  • Examine the data created by your policy to see real savings

Earthday globe

Power Management as an Act of Green

We want you to be an Earth Day Angel - to work with us to support Earth Day's A Billion Acts of Green® movement by pledging one green act. In fact, we're so committed to the cause that we will be donating to the Earth Day Network for every pledge shared (read here for details).

We will be donating to the Earth Day Network for any green pledge shared online (read here for specific details), but if you are looking to make an ongoing impact in your business and for the environment, you can learn more about Absolute Manage here, or view our demo for more.

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