Please Rob Me

By: Absolute Team | 3/5/2010

There's been a lot of buzz about the website PleaseRobMe - so much, in fact, that the site has been down every time I went to see it in the last week! The site, by aggregating public location-based check-ins, highlights just how many people are asking for their homes to be robbed. How? By advertising just where they are - a restaurant, theatre, etc. Essentially, anywhere but at home.


Now, this type of information is not new. It's the same thing as advertising in a newspaper about when you're getting married or that a relative has died. However, these location-based services - Foursquare or even Twitter - have made the practice more prevalent and prolific.

What do you think about location-based services? I don't use them, but I do admit that I often tweet things such as "out for coffee with my husband", giving any potential robber the opportunity to rob me.

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