Persistence Technology Extends Your Endpoint Monitoring and Protection Capabilities

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 7/21/2016

What if you could keep critical software applications installed on every endpoint across your deployment? Distribute urgent patches with ease? If you could do these things, your data security would be reliably in place and your remote workers could have consistent network access. These capabilities are possible with Absolute DDS and our patented Persistence technology.

In our new video, we demonstrate how Persistence technology by Absolute works with just about any software agent, triggering an automatic, zero-touch reinstallation if an agent is missing or removed. Your software agents will reinstall even after the firmware is flashed, the device is re-imaged, the hard drive is replaced or if a tablet is wiped clean to factory settings.

Odds are you already have patented Persistence technology embedded in your devices as a result our partnerships with device manufacturers from around the world. Once activated, you will have unparalleled control across your entire deployment, regardless of user or location. No other technology can do this.

With Persistence technology, you can…

  • Stay connected with every device in your deployment, on or off network, regardless of user or location
  • Be notified if encryption (or SCCM, or anti-virus, or other applications) are removed or not working properly
  • Depend upon a zero touch, automatic reinstallation of any supported software agent that’s missing from a device
  • Scan for sensitive data on an endpoint that’s no longer in your control
  • Scan for sensitive data on all endpoints to proactively enforce data security policies
  • Remotely invoke security commands to limit damage and protect data during a security incident

Learn more about how Absolute's Persistence technology can help strengthen your most critical applications at

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