Persistence Extended to Lenovo Tab3 10 Business Tablets

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 7/25/2016

Absolute recently announced that our Persistence will now be available on Lenovo Tab3 10 Business Tablets. Once activated, Lenovo customers will receive unparalleled security and data risk management capabilities allowing IT to maintain a reliable two-way connection to all devices, regardless of user or location.

Lenovo Tab3 10 Business Tablets are inexpensive business tablets that that offer both durability and security for the corporate and retail environments. This tablet is one of the first Android devices to focus on corporate needs and fully support Android for Work’s security and manageability features.

As a part of that focus on meeting corporate security needs, Persistence technology from Absolute will be introduced in the firmware of the Android-powered devices at the factory. By activating Absolute technology, Lenovo’s enterprise and public sector customers will benefit from extended endpoint visibility, allowing IT to maintain a two-way connection with these devices, on or off the corporate network.

“Our newly released Tab3 10 was designed with best-in-class security in mind,” said Hugo Fernandez Rodriguez, Business Development & Operations Senior Manager, Lenovo. “Absolute has consistently demonstrated its ability to deliver an enriched security solution across a wide range of our devices and we are excited to include this option in the Lenovo Tab3 10 Business tablet.”

Absolute currently embeds Persistence into a number of Lenovo devices, including the popular ThinkPad series of devices. Our long-standing partnership continues to expand as Lenovo remains focused on delivering industry-leading enterprise and public sector security solutions. We are thrilled to be a part of this latest device rollout.

At Absolute, we have built strong relationships with manufacturers around the world. Today, over one billion devices have Persistence built into the firmware. Learn why continued innovations and partnerships at Absolute make us the industry standard for persistent endpoint security and data risk management solutions at 

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