Paterson Charter Keeps Students in Line with Absolute Manage

By: Absolute Team | 6/6/2014

We recently put together a new case study about how Paterson Charter School keeps students in line and protects their Apple iPad investment with Absolute Manage and Computrace Mobile Theft Management.

The Challenge at Paterson Charter School

Paterson Charter School for Science and Technology was formed in 2002 and serves more than 1140 students from K-12, offering a responsive educational model with high-reaching academic programs based in technology and science. As you would expect, devices such as iPads are a crucial element in this program.

In September 2012, 80 iPads were rolled out to Grade 9 students in a pilot project, with the number increasing to 480 by the next year. With the number of devices on the rise each year, it became clear a mobile device management tool was required to manage and track devices and automate processes such as distributing apps and updates.

The Solution: Absolute Manage & Computrace MTM

After evaluating 8 mobile device management vendors, Paterson Charter School chose Absolute Manage, evaluating on price, features and support. Paterson Charter School has take advantage of many of the Absolute Manage features to quickly react if students don’t accept an update or engage in noncompliant behaviors. Using smart groups and policies - 50 of them! - the IT team is able to quickly respond to emergent issues, all without physically touching the device.

Paterson Charter School later added on Computrace Mobile Theft Management (MTM) to help prevent iPad thefts and take advantage of the Absolute Investigations team in the event of theft, who can gather information on a stolen device and work with local law enforcement to recover it.

To find out how Paterson Charter School uses our products to save time, access real-time tracking, and protect their investments, check out the case study here.

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