Our Thoughts After the E-Crime Congress

By: Absolute Team | 3/21/2011

This post comes from Dave Everitt, General Manager, EMEA for Absolute Software, who wanted to share his thoughts on e-crime:

Having recently attended this year’s e-Crime Congress in London, it was obvious that a key security issue for companies at the moment is how businesses are becoming increasingly mobile. Not only are employees bringing their personal mobile devices into the office, they are using them for work purposes and storing company data on them as a result. This ‘consumerisation’ trend has resulted in a greater need to take a more sophisticated approach to IT security.

The international event was a great opportunity to discuss the main concerns in cyber-security and learn what types of criminals are targeting these opportunities that companies need to be more aware of - For instance, organised crimes involving fraudulent companies appearing to be something they are not.

After speaking to many key-decision makers from various businesses, ranging from the police to shipping to financial departments, it became clear just how important it is to educate employees and employers on good practice in how to block attacks. We all need to be more tech-savvy and aware of the potential dangers, and IT security chiefs need to be more prepared than ever.

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