Our Stance on Mobile Theft Deterrence

By: Absolute Team | 7/9/2013

As leaders in device security and device recovery for over 20 years, we have recovered more than 29,000 devices in 100 countries. The Absolute Theft Recovery Team offers the only investigative support in device recovery in the industry, supporting law enforcement  with investigations and computer forensics to not only recover devices, but to catch criminals and reduce crime.

With the epidemic of mobile theft across the country, we have been hard at work working with industry leaders such as Samsung to offer the same level of protection to mobile devices. As you know from reading our posts here on InTelligence, we strongly believe that mobile crime deterrence requires more than just a technological solution, but the support to identify criminals and truly reduce crime.

Following the Smartphone Summit last month, we have been trying to expand the conversation around mobile theft deterrence so that everyone understands how the kill switch impacts BYOD and on some of the potential limitations of relying solely on a kill switch solution.

"The public needs to be protected and a proactive response is required to deter these thefts and the risk to public safety they represent. Unfortunately a growing number of these theft incidents involve violence as the victim may be held up at gun or knife point or physically assaulted. The solution already exists and Absolute is actively speaking with the AG and DA’s offices and working with law enforcement and partners such as Samsung to mitigate the risk associated with mobile device theft and the associated crimes. With Absolute’s unique stolen smartphone recovery service, those responsible for theft can be identified and held accountable – and there is no better deterrence than that." - John Livingston, CEO of Absolute Software

This week, we put together a landing page that draws together many of our thoughts on the recommendations from the Smartphone Summit and the Secure Our Smartphones Initiative. Together we can work together to craft a proactive response to deter these violent mobile thefts. Visit our page here.

For more Mobile Theft related discussions, stay tuned to http://blogs.absolute.com/ or connect with us @absolutecorp.

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