Optimising ITSM in the Age of Mobile

By: Absolute Team | 7/8/2014

I just wrote an article for Business Computing World on the opportunities for ITSM to step up and manage the scale and complexities brought about by our multiple device per user, fragmented, big data environment. In “Marching On: ITSM In The Age Of Mobile, Big Data And Apps,” I talk about using ITSM for more than just maintenance of all these devices, but as a means to better understand employee behavior to better plan and optimise around them.

In the article, I outline the various complexities present, from the number of form factors and operating systems to shifting targets and varied states of ownership, and even the complexities introduced by cloud services and email. To leverage ITSM to do more for your business, I argue you need to:

  1. Focus on the new paradigm, which means looking for a solution that is mobile-first and forward-looking
  2. Be progressive, not restrictive, which comes from understanding, not control
  3. Be ready for what’s next, which is not getting any simpler. Ensure you assess not just product functions and features, but also interface and attention to areas such as managing big data
The next phase of ITSM is not just management, it’s one of opportunity as you learn and improve efficiency by understanding the behaviour and usage of these devices. Traditional ITSM has been a brilliant and very functional resource for businesses, but what’s coming next will extend its value far beyond that.

For more on my thoughts on this, check out the full BCW article.

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