Open-Source as Security Risk

By: Absolute Team | 6/17/2011

As a recent campaign by Norton reminded us, "you get what you pay for" in security software too. When you rely on free or open-source security programs - be they antivirus or laptop tracking - you're putting your computer at risk.

Let's talk, for example, about the area of laptop tracking & recovery. Are free and open-source programs available? Of course. Do they work? Sometimes. Should you rely on them? Definitely not.

Free programs can work, but as we've said before, it's best to be prepared, not lucky. Free programs are often less effective on many levels. They will take advantage of certain features such as GPS or videos to help you "track" a thief, but without a comprehensive set of features, you're leaving much up to chance.

Next, there's support. With free options, it's on you to do the tracking and to contact law enforcement. You may not know what you're doing or who to talk with. This costs you valuable time. With our recovery team, we do all the work for you and have skilled professionals who know what they're doing to ensure a quick - and legal - recovery process.

Next up, the idea of open source software being smart. As Bruce Schneier recently wrote, open source software is open - meaning the "bad guys" can figure out how it works. In our case, we even have the added protection of BIOS Compatibility with many laptops now, so thieves can't delete our tracking capabilities.

So, why take the risk? Free is not a compelling enough reason to risk your IT and data assets.

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