Ontario Teachers Affected by Data Breach

By: Absolute Team | 1/29/2010

Who Breached: Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan
Number Affected: 8,600
Information breached: Social Insurance Numbers
How: laptops stolen

On December 3rd, laptops containing the private information (names, address, social insurance numbers) of about 8.600 Ontario teachers was stolen from the Waterloo offices of the Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan. Those affected were notified of the breach in mid-January.

The theft is characterized by police as a "smash and grab" with the laptops being one item among those stolen. This theft comes one month after a USB key containing some personal health information of 80,000 people was lost in Ontario.

It is not clear what security precautions, if any, were on the stolen laptops. We do know the laptops were unencrypted, so likely other security precautions were also not taken.

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