Officer Solves Case in 48 Hours, Shares Absolute Success

By: Absolute Team | 12/11/2009

In maintaining the industry's leading theft recovery rate, the Absolute Theft Recovery Team works closely with law enforcement agencies worldwide.  It is with the help of these dedicated professionals that we are able to leverage our technology to recover thousands of stolen computers and help capture numerous criminals. We'll often receive feedback from law enforcement officers, sharing their experiences and success with Absolute. Our most recent success story came from the University of Pittsburgh Police.

According to Det. Lt. David A. Kirchner:

“I would like to take this time to let everyone know the value of using Computrace and LoJack for Laptops from a law enforcement standpoint. Over the last six months, I have worked with four cases involving the theft of laptops and was very fortunate that all four had Computrace installed. Once the laptops connected to the internet, the Absolute investigator assigned to the case stepped in and the cases were resolved very quickly. In fact, the most recent case in October of 2009 was solved within 48 hours, leading to the recovery of the laptop and a suspect who eventually confessed to the crime. Without assistance from Computrace and Absolute, I do not believe these cases would have ended on a positive note.”

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