New Strategies for Mobile Device Management

By: Absolute Team | 5/27/2011

Tim Williams, Manager of Lifecycle Management here at Absolute Software, recently guest posted on Mobile Enterprise about New Strategies for Mobile Device Management.

As Tim outlines in his article, mobile device management has (MDM) has become more complex. Companies must manage both company-owned and employee-owned devices running many different platforms. While the benefits to productivity are many, all of these variables increase the risks to corporate networks and data security.

The employee needs to understand that accessing corporate networks and resources with a personally owned device necessarily means ceding a certain amount of control over the device’s settings; for example, violating company policies may mean loss of access. The company needs to understand that management no longer means control, as the device’s owner will always be able to claim ultimate control of the device and its functionality. Distilling these tradeoffs into a clearly articulated policy is the first step towards effective mobile device management.

Tim shares a framework for defining your company's policies and your choice for mobile device management software solutions.

Read more of Tim's article here and check out Absolute Manage MDM Absolute Manage MDM.

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