New MacBook Pro and Mountain Lion Fuel BYOD Trend

By: Absolute Team | 6/12/2012

Apple held its much-anticipated Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote today announcing the new MacBook Pro and Apple's new operating system, Mountain Lion, both of which are poised to greatly improve enterprise functionality.

The new Apple MacBook Pro features an amazing set of upgrades including a retina display, all-flash storage for unparalleled speed and battery efficiency, integration with Intel Core i7, Thunderbolt ports and the latest in wireless technology (three-stream 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology). All of this new technology is bundled into a thinner and lighter casing making the MacBook as appealing as the MacBook Air has been, but with far increased capabilities.

Apple's new operating system, OS X Mountain Lion, lists 200 new features such as location-based reminders, Notes that sync across devices, a new Notification Center and built-in iCloud support. iCloud saw an update as well, giving the current 125 million customers a new feature called "Documents in the Cloud" that allows synching within Pages, Keynotes, Preview and TextEdit. The improvements to both the MacBook and Mountain Lion underscore an overall integration between devices, which will now work more seamlessly together (iPhones and iPads also saw updates with the new iOS 6).

One great feature in Mountain Lion is the ability for your computer to continue fetching data, updating software and backing up data all during the "PowerNap" sleep mode. In terms of security, the new OS includes a new feature called Gatekeeper which will protect you from downloading malicious software (from any source).

If you are planning on buying the new MacBook, or have an existing Apple device, be sure to protect your investment. Though Apple has launched many new security features, we caution you not to rely too heavily on these security features. As we know from many unfortunate news stories on computer theft, location-based data is not always enough to recover lost devices and, in the case of laptops being used for business purposes, you'll want to look for a security option that can not only track a lost device but can lock or wipe the device of sensitive data. Learn how Computrace by Absolute Software can meet all these needs - and more!

Added BYOD security measures would include the ability to streamline employee mobile device enrolment process, install / remove apps (by user / device status / role), send commands that control roaming or status, monitor encryption status, and send messages to users - all of which we do via Absolute Manage.

Many of these new features, particularly the iCloud features, make the new MacBook and Mountain Lion OS more powerful for enterprise users. We know from earlier studies that employees are willing to invest their own money in laptops that can be used at work simply to take advantage of newer and better technology. We expect that the advancements of these new Apple announcements will further propel the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend.

Will you be purchasing the new MacBook Pro? What features have prompted your decision to upgrade?

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