New Cybercrime Bill Proposes International Cooperation

By: Absolute Team | 3/30/2010

A new cybercrime bill is currently being considered by the US Senate. This bill would impact international trade with countries that "fail to properly address cybercrime within their boundaries" by imposing funding restrictions. It's definitely a bill that perhaps could strong-arm the international community into addressing the issue.

The International Cybercrime Reporting and Cooperation Act was put together to "enhance America's cooperation with other countries to combat cybercrime and keep America safe." Quite the ambitious goal. US Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Orrin Hatch introduced the bill in order to be able to address the international nature of cybercrime - it's difficult to control the growing costs of cyberattacks in the US when the cybercrime originates outside the country, for example.

"Our new legislation will require the president to provide a global assessment, identify threats from abroad, work with other countries to crack down on their own cyber criminals, and urge the President to cut off U.S. assistance and resources for countries that refuse to take responsibility for cybersecurity. Our legislation will make America safer by getting tough on cybercrime globally, and coordinating with our partners in the international community."

Read more from their press release here.

What do you think about this proposed legislation? Would it help address cybercrime, do you think?

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