Myths in the IT Security Sector

By: Absolute Team | 11/17/2010

Urban myths are everywhere, including in the IT security sector. Panda Labs, with the help of its online community, recently put together a list of myths that plague the IT security sector. Some of them are more about the internal workings of the industry, while others are pertinent to you - and we hear them a lot too! Take special note of #3, for example!

Top IT Urban Myths

  1. Antivirus security companies make the viruses
  2. Security companies hire hackers
  3. There are no viruses for Mac, Linux or cell phone platforms
  4. It requires a lot of knowledge to be a hacker, create viruses, infiltrate systems…
  5. Women don’t work in security companies
  6. 100% security and privacy
  7. Viruses are the same, can damage hardware, 'It won't happen to me,' etc
  8. Conspiracy theories like companies gathering information / spying, that Windows has backdoors, etc

As the article points out with reference to the sixth item, you can never achieve 100% security. The best you can do is use a multi-tiered approach to security that will minimize your specific risks - and always have a plan in place for if the "worst" happens.

The eighth myth is also a common question we get - that having Absolute products will enable us to "spy" on you. That is definitely not something we do! We only gather evidence from stolen computers once you have contacted us to let us know the computer is stolen - then our Recovery Team works in parallel with police to help recover it. You can learn more about our recovery process here.

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