MTV Launches Cyberbullying Tools

By: Absolute Team | 11/16/2010

If you want to get your kids or students interested and active in learning about cyberbullying, why not point them to MTV? Seriously. The network has launched two fantastic products that aim to get kids talking about cyberbullying and working together to put a stop to it.

First off, Draw the Line, a winning tool inspired by an entry by Michael Bastianelli in MTV's A Thin Line campaign, a "campaign was developed to empower you to draw your own line between digital use and digital abuse (which includes issues like sexting, textual harassment and cyberbullying.)"

Draw Your Line is a visual representation showing all the ways that you and your friends are taking action to stop the spread of digital abuse. You can submit and view actions, find and suggest local and national resources, and discover new ways to stop the spread of digital abuse.

I think the tool is fantastic. It's interactive, it's social, it's everything that should appeal to the youth demographic. For those who want to work to stop digital abuse, there are lots of resources on how to speak up, to organize events and more.

The second tool is Over the Line, an online tool and iPhone app that quizzes you about digital cruelty and also gives you a chance to share your digital drama and ask others for feedback - is it innocent or inappropriate? There are 1,140 stories shared already, so it's a good sign of teens engaging about unsure topics.

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