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Mobile Theft Hits Hard in Cardiff

September 28, 2013

Earlier this year, the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) released figures indicating over 826,000 mobile theft cases from March 2011-March 2012. 81% of the population in England and Wales currently owns a mobile phone (45 million+ users) - 2% of those users had their phone stolen in this year span.

According to similar research recently released by Protect Your Bubble, which includes data from over 40,000 insurance claims, mobile theft is most common in Cardiff. Currently 36% of insurance claims in Cardiff are from mobile phone owners related to theft. The next highest reporting claims were from Edinburgh (32%) and Hull (30%). Cardiff and Edinburgh both have large student populations, which are the primary target for theft (the highest rates of theft affect those age 14-24, particularly women).

Although London ranked sixth in the insurance list, we know from other figures that London is one of the top cities in the world for mobile theft: over 7,000 mobile phones are stolen every month in London. What this new data indicates is perhaps that Londoners are not as likely to have insurance coverage for their mobile devices!

Learn more about prioritizing mobile security options, how to take charge of your part in attracting theft and read our Do’s and Don’ts of Stolen & Lost Mobile Devices post.

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