Mobile Security Policies Lack Enforcement

By: Absolute Team | 11/17/2011

Search Security has put out a new article on how mobile device security policies will fall short if not enforced. This is true of any security policy, though it is particularly felt in mobile security where technology is evolving at such a rapid pace.

As the article notes, just because a security policy does not condone a particular action (such as storing corporate data on mobile devices) does not mean that employees are following the rules.

“Whenever audits are conducted, businesses are surprised at how many employees use personal handheld devices for work related activities,” noted Phillip Redman, research vice president at Stamford, Conn.-based research firm Gartner Inc.

The article references a forecast from Gartner that suggests that 80% of mobile professionals will use at least two personal devices to access corporate systems and data by 2014, so the problem is not going away. Simply disallowing access may not be the solution either, as we discussed in our BYOD article. The article brings up the importance of mobile device management systems in helping companies to enforce mobile policies.

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