Mobile Security for Higher Education in Action

By: Absolute Team | 11/28/2013

EdTech is currently running a story on how Absolute Manage MDM client Thomas College has leveraged our software for a "practical approach to mobile security."

Thomas College has approximately 1,100 undergraduate and graduate students and 150 faculty and staff in Waterville, Maine. Committed to preparing its students for careers in business, technology, and education, this college offers many perks including mobile computer technology.

Following a slew of thefts in 2008, Thomas College began seeking ways to secure their laptop deployments. After implementing Absolute Computrace, Thomas College saw a significant drop in laptop theft. Since then, the College integrated Absolute Manage MDM to manage the 50 tablets in its library, elementary education lab and administrative offices.

As the article on EdTech notes, Absolute Manage MDM has allowed Thomas College to more effectively manage tablets and other mobile devices, including the ability to remotely wipe a lost or stolen device.

"We’re able to track usage, which applications were used and what’s changed, especially on devices students take out from the library,” [Thomas College CIO Chris] Rhoda says. “We can also restrict certain settings on the device from being accessed by general users, push out standard settings and do automated distribution of mobile apps."

The article goes on to make suggestions for managing mobile security in in higher education including the importance of prioritizing different types of users for BYOD and on the importance on focusing on the data (which echoes our data-centric discussions here on this blog).

If you are looking to secure your campus, check out an overview of our Higher Education services.

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