Mobile Device Information Security Risks

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 6/27/2013

Zone Alarm recently grouped some statistics on the Impact of Mobile Devices on Information Security into an infographic that covers many common security concerns.

As you can see in the infographic below, businesses are allowing BYOD programs to run without proper device and data security, allowing data of all kinds to reside on personal devices. With 79% of companies reporting mobile security incidents in the past year and 42% of companies reporting the cost of these incidents in the six figures, allowing for unchecked mobile use is proving quite costly. At Absolute Software, it's our recommendation to create a BYOD policy that is shaped by the data, not by the device, changing the way BYOD is approached and simplifying the whole process; indeed, we offer a guide on How to Implement a BYOD Policy in 3 Simple Steps.


According to the data in the infographic, Android devices carry the most perceived security risk. Starting this Summer, the Samsung Galaxy Mobile Device for Android will become the most secure Android (an arguably the most secure smartphone) on the market, backed by Absolute Software's firmware-persistent technology. With firmware persistence, Samsung users can leverage Absolute Computrace technology and the industry's only Theft Recovery Team to remotely track, manage, secure and potentially recover their Samsung GALAXY smartphones and tablets devices globally. Read more here.

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