Mobile App Management Options

By: Absolute Team | 3/5/2012

TechTarget has an article out now comparing the various options available to IT to manage app delivery on mobile devices. Whether the devices are corporate-owned or BYOD, controlling mobile app delivery, management and security can help make data security reasonable for mobile devices.

The article considers four approaches to app management:

  • enterprise app stores
  • web-based apps
  • cloud-based apps
  • desktop virtualization

The article discusses each approach in detail as the importance to regularly review your options.

Did you know that Absolute Manage MDM offers Apps Management for your Apple and Android devices? AbsoluteApps allows you to securely host, remotely deploy, and distribute in-house apps to end users. In addition, it can provide users with a list of recommended apps (Apple or Android) for easy selection. All of this, plus the ability to track & manage mobile devices, apply controls to data and media, and even wipe or lock managed devices.

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