Mitigating Data Breaches in Healthcare

By: Absolute Team | 10/17/2011

Healthcare IT News put together a list of the "6 best ways to protect against health data breaches," a list that encompasses many best-practices across all industries. Specific to healthcare, the list aims to kickstart more aggressive security planning to combat the increased risks associated with changing healthcare technology, data access and criminal activity. Rick Kam, president of ID Experts, is quoted in the article saying:

"Patients want to share information and have multiple providers. This includes more sophisticated criminals as well as healthcare reform. Coming on the horizon in the area of healthcare, you could say we're at the crux of a potential data breach disaster -- if not within the next few months, within the next year you’ll see a data breach oil spill, so to speak."

Here are the 6 ways to mitigate data breaches, as outlined in the article:

  1. Perform a risk assessment
  2. Inventory your PHI
  3. Develop PHI security strategy
  4. Train employees
  5. Implement processes, technologies and policies
  6. Have an incident response plan ready

If you are stuck on where to begin, you could try a self-assessment tool or have a read at past healthcare related security articles on our blog. If you are a part of a healthcare organization and would like help on your endpoint security, Absolute Software would love to help.

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