MDM Lets Mobile Flourish on Campus

By: Absolute Team | 2/17/2014

Ed Tech Magazine recently featured an article on "MDM: The Security Software That Lets Mobile Flourish on Campus," which looks at three case studies on how colleges and universities are tackling mobile device expansion with the help of MDM.

One of the case studies featured in the article is that of Thomas College, a private college in Maine of about 1,000 students. As we profiled earlier, Thomas College responded to several laptop thefts by deploying Computrace, which greatly reduced laptop thefts on campus.

When smartphones and tablets became more a norm, Thomas College standardized their endpoint management to Absolute Manage MDM instead*. Although this choice loses the theft recovery component, Thomas College is still able to lock down all devices and erase their data, solving any data theft concerns. With the MDM competent, Thomas College is able to manage their devices, offering different security scenarios for both college-owned devices as well as devices that are borrowed from the library.

To learn more about Absolute Manage MDM, visit Absolute Manage MDM.

*Note: Absolute Manage MDM and Computrace can be used together. 

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