MDM is Not Dead

By: Absolute Team | 1/14/2014

Over on Mobile Enterprise, I share my thoughts on Mobile Device Management (MDM) and the struggle to define best practices and client management. Some people are saying MDM is dead, but nothing could be further from the truth. While BYOD and the number of devices has surely shaken up how companies approach endpoint management, it's not up to us to be concerned about the latest gadgets, but rather how they will be managed.

In my article, I outline the 3 drivers to the new management landscape:

  1. The typical user relies on more than one device and for the foreseeable future, one of these devices will be a computer
  2. As the price of the hardware has come down, the value (and portability) of corporate data has gone up
  3. It’s not only about the device... it’s about the user getting what they need when they need it

I look how each of these drivers is affecting the industry, in how MDM plays with other technology, addresses risks to data security, and the importance of shifting from a user-restrictive (can't can't can't) model to one that is user-centric, focusing on the security of corporate data and apps rather than locking down access.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter who owns the device – instead IT should focus on who is using it and how. A policy-driven, user-centric framework will adapt easily to this approach.

Next up, I address some of the conflicts in the industry and how confusing it's made things for IT customers. Is there really any thing as MCM or MAM? Can a "top-down lockdown" approach still work? The bottom line: MDM isn't dead, we've just shifted our understanding of endpoint management. Read on here.

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