MDM Can Conquer BYOD Risks

By: Absolute Team | 11/24/2014

Lisa Phifer recently wrote an article for TechTarget’s SearchSecurity about how to Conquer BYOD Risks with Mobile Device Management, an article which examines how MDM (and EMM) products can help solve some of the top IT security concerns including how to prevent data loss, control access and manage lost and stolen devices.

The article looks at the evolution of MDM products, which in fact began even before mobile phones, starting first with laptops as we have discussed in our own articles. Although MDM has been around for a while, we believe MDM is still very much in its infancy. In just 4 years since the launch of the first iPad, the device management landscape has changed drastically. Now there are many devices per user, users are demanding more from their devices, and corporate data has become more portable and valuable.

Over time, many organizations have responded to mobility with solutions on the fly, creating ad hoc device management processes as each new device or OS was released. The result now is an inability to manage these devices and a number of unnecessary risks to corporate data security.

“An MDM product capable of managing all devices -- independent of ownership and spanning all mobile operating systems -- breaks down these barriers to put IT back in the driver's seat. While IT no longer unilaterally chooses every supported device, heterogeneous MDM products help IT ensure the safety of all."

A good MDM tool will be your single-point for management of these devices. If your management paradigm is user-centric, focusing less on the device and more on the security of corporate data and apps, it matters less about the latest devices or who owns it and is more about who is using the device and how. In Lisa’s article, she talks about these tools as “heterogeneous MDM products”; we call it Absolute Manage

MDM tools like Absolute Manage can do so much more than just manage devices now. Lisa’s article does a good job explaining just how flexible and powerful MDM can be.

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