McAfee Labs Predicts High-Profile Industrial Attacks

By: Absolute Team | 1/5/2012

McAfee Labs released their 2012 Threat Predictions report outlining some of the threats they believe will top the charts in 2012. Their top threats include mobile banking, 'legal' spam, virtual currency and attacks that have political or social notoriety motivations, including industrial attacks, cyberwarfare demonstrations and hacktivist attacks.

The report looks into some interesting trends that have not received the same attention in other reports. For example, the trend towards 'legal' spamming has interesting implications as legitimate advertisers adopt spamming techniques, muddying the water even further in terms of consumers differentiating between real and 'spam' email.

Many of these trends have serious import for businesses, including increased mobile threats and hackers changing attack vectors to focus on hardware and firmware exploits.

Full report available here [PDF].

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