McAfee 2009Q2 Threat Report

By: Absolute Team | 8/19/2009

McAfee has released the Q2 Threat Report for 2009, which indicates that spam volumes have gone up by 141% since March, making this the "longest ever streak of increasing spam volumes" on record. The Q1 threat report, discussed here, indicated that cybercriminals had taken over almost 12 million new IP addresses (zombies) since January, a 50% increase over 2008. This record has now been broken: Q2 set a new record for zombie computers levels, at nearly 14 million.

In addition to spam volumes, the Q2 report looks at some new trends and threats, as well as continued trends of cybercrime as a service and cybercriminals targeting social networks. Indeed, a major attack was led against Twitter and Facebook just this week.

Key Findings from this Threat Report:

  • > 14 million computers have been enslaved by cybercriminal botnets (16% increase over Q1)
  • Spam has risen 80% in this quarter, over Q1, with June beating the highest ever recorded spam level
  • Spam comprised 92% of all mail, also setting a new record high
  • Over a 30-day period, AutoRun malware troubled more than 27 million files, making it one of the most prevalent pieces of malware in the world (with a detection rate greater than Conficker was)
  • There were nearly 14 million new zombies in Q2, also a new record. Computers in the U.S., China and Brazil lead for zombie figures.
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