Map Your Network to Boost Your Data Security

By: Arieanna Schweber | 7/11/2016

Healthcare organizations are one of the most challenging data security environments to protect. With often limited IT resources, these organizations need better ways to allocate resources in order to meet these threats.

Former FBI special agent Chris Tarbell previously infiltrated Anonymous and Silk Road, and is now director of cybersecurity and investigations at Berkeley Research Group. In a new article on Healthcare IT News, Chris Tarbell notes that the first step in protecting data is having a deep understanding of what needs to be protected. Tarbell recommends creating a topology map of your network and to update it regularly. Tarbell notes that “second by second” monitoring of network and endpoint security requires the right technology and the right people to spot the red flags.

Tarbell also recommends that budgeting priorities in healthcare  should focus on:

  • endpoint security technologies
  • talent acquisition and retention
  • risk management
  • business continuity plans

At Absolute, we provide you with a persistent connection to all of your endpoints and the data they contain, something no other solution can offer. With Absolute DDS, you can create the topology Tarbell recommends. Define what data you want to monitor. Determine where your data is and validate the status of security applications. Then set up automated alerts that will signal potential security incidents, with remote capabilities to respond. We help you gain the visibility you need to enforce your security policies before a security incident occurs and respond quickly when an alert indicates data may be at risk.

Start your free trial of Absolute DDS or contact us for an Endpoint Risk Assessment to provide critical insight into existing threats and security vulnerabilities in your organization.

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